COVID-19 Notice Temporary Closure

This is a COVID-19 Notice.
Having considered carefully the safety issues to passengers and to my community here at West Park Farm I have decided to close White Horse Cars until the health crisis is over. Being a new concern I do not have a client base yet that depends upon me and this decision keeps my friends and family protected.

Some taxi drivers are advertising that they disinfect their cars after use now. My own opinion is that no amount of cleaning is worth any kind of guarantee to you. Avoid any vehicle apart from you own if you can. If you have no choice but to use a taxi service then my advice is to protect yourself and others by wearing both a mask and disposable gloves and expect the same from the driver. As soon as you can afterwards change clothes and put in a hot wash and clean hands. For information about dealing with Corona Virus and controlling its spread see the NHS website.

I apologise for the current lack of service but I wish you safety and good health. I will update website with another COVID-19 Notice when White Horse Cars is again available. If you want to contact me about future work or Cornish Tours please email me via the contacts page.

Best wishes,

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